Mindfulness intervention for self awareness in youth through serious games

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MindLand’s aim is to create a digital intervention focused on self awareness, which will provide mindfulness training to youth through serious games, activities and prompts. The users will be able to explore activities in both online and offline settings, thus encouraging the use of digital tools as facilitators in developing real life competencies, and not merely as another distraction.

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Our Partners

Technologos Research and Innovation Services

A group of researchers, scientists and engineers with prior experience from both industry and academia, focusing on the development of digital educational interventions as well as research projects. They specialise in designing and building serious games and simulation models, that include personalisation elements using Machine Learning algorithms.

Mindfulness For Life

Mindfulness for Life is an organization dedicated to transforming people's and kids's lives through mindfulness. Their seminars and coaching help people become self-aware, find their true power and become designers of their lives.

Welcome Home International

Welcome Home International is a non-profit organisation providing encouragement, education, and assistance to refugees during their integration. This is done through community based engagement developing effective and respectful methods of exchange supporting the four pillars of integration being language, accommodation, employment and community network, while also actively supporting networking, intercultural exchanges and social awareness between arriving and receiving cultures.

Association My Madeira Island

Associação My Madeira Island is a non-profit association with the aim of supporting the cultural and social development of Madeira Island through the organization of various cultural and educational events and online activities; and helping young people find online employment opportunities (due to a very limited job market on the island) through the development of digital and soft skills.
The organization is a meeting point for innovation and change, aimed for Madeira to be a creative community.


Activity 1

Curriculum on Mindfulness training and self awareness

Activity 2

Development and Integration of serious games and activities

Activity 3

Localisation and translation of intervention's content

Activity 4

MindLand Launch and Evaluation